Gordon Ramsey's BURGR Restaurant

On the Las Vegas Strip, inside Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino you will find a fantastic gourmet burger at Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR Restaurant, located at 3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Having Gordon Ramsey's name attached, it will not disappoint. Cleanliness, check! Prompt service, check! Presentation and taste, check!

With a modest variety to choose from, but a great variety none-the-less, this restaurant’s major focus seems to be on two areas—giving you a great burger/sandwich, and giving you great choices to compliment it. Be sure to try their signature ketchups.

Besides burgers, BurGR offers a choice of 2 dawgs (hot dogs), and a fish sandwich.  Fries, salads, appetizer-type snacks, sides, and dessert choices. There are meat-free options available for vegetarians and vegans. Push-pops, and pudding shakes make for unique, delicious desserts. A full-service bar is sure to make a good impression.

All items are a la carte, averaging around $14 per burger/sandwich.

You should expect to spend about $35 - $45 per person.

Comfortable, pleasant atmosphere.

Casual attire.

Be prepared to wait to be seated. The line is long at times.

Hours:                Sunday – Thursday      11:00am –  12:00am

                           Friday& Saturday        11:00am –   2:00am

Phone:               (702) 785-5462

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  1. They were so accommodating and I was truly impressed. It is such a comfortable environment. For a buffet, it was delicious food. Alcoholic beverages at Seattle venues were also great. Overall, this place is great, and my favorite venue in the city.