Tea and Whisk

It is never a bad time for a great cup of tea!

Located on Eastern & Coronado Center Drive in the Siena Promeade strip mall, Tea and Whisk is a delightful boutique of teas and accessories. Merchandise includes everything from teapot and cup sets—to self-brewing thermos—to custom tea blends—to your choice of a freshly brewed cup of tea, and so much more.

Upon entering, you get the impression that you must buy your tea and take it home to make it, in order to enjoy a cup or try a flavor, and that could not be further from the truth.  Upon taking a closer look or even better, talking to one of the friendly staff there, you will discover teapots full of tea to sample and more “tea knowledge” from their “tea educated” employees. If you are a tea or coffee drinker, you will be hard pressed to leave there empty-handed.

If you like green tea and you would like an energy boost, I highly recommend the matcha (green tea powder). It certainly gave me a boost, without the jitters you often get from the caffeine in coffee.

Tea and Whisk
10271 S. Eastern Ave.  (Suite 116)
Henderson, NV 89052

Phone:  702-907-6543

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